52 Telecaster

Telecaster 52 Reissue Occasion

This is a Fender 52 Reissue Tobacco Foto Flame (front and back) 1997 CIJ Tele with all USA electronics. Every aspect of this body is built to the specifications of a 52 Telecaster right down to the routing in the body and the straight edge screws. This Foto model has a Tobacco flame on front AND bac[......]

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52 Telecaster Headstock Decal


These are extremely accurate, high quality vintage reproduction Fender headstock decals. The decals

are perfect for any project.  Each Telecaster waterslide decal has been carefully recreated based on actual vintage models from the 1950′s through the 1970′s, using real metallic Silver o[......]

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52 Telecaster Schematic

The Nocaster pickups themselves are just like any other set of tele pickups. Are you perhaps thinking about the vintage Nocaster wiring circuit? The diagrams that beatlfan has linked for you will get you half way there by including the “dark” position, but the Nocaster was different than the ’52 cir[......]

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52 Telecaster Mim

First post! I just ran into a rather strange guitar at GC today and I cant seem to find ANY info on it online or even GC website. It was labeled a Standard Telecaster Butterscotch. It looks just like an AVI 52 RI Tele!
Anyone help with this guitar?! The body was butterscotch blonde, exactly the s[......]

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52 Telecaster Modern Wiring

The neck pickup is very dark-sounding for use as a substitute for a bass. Most people find this setting unusable nowadays, so it’s more for historical accuracy that the 52RI comes with this wiring setup.

No one will scream “heresy” if you do the modern wiring conversion on a 52RI though….it wil[......]

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52 Telecaster Thin Lacquer Finish

The Vintage Hot Rod ’52 Telecaster takes the best of old and new Fender craftsmanship to create a fantastic guitar built for the serious player! Visually very accurate to the look of a ’52 Telecaster, it has a list of sought-after Custom Shop upgrades to make any Tele player drool. It’s got a top-of[......]

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Left Handed 52 Telecaster

Die Modelle der American Vintage Series gehören schon seit Langem zu den meistverkauftesten Gitarren aus dem Hause Fender (die Einführung der Serie in den 1980er Jahren war das erste Lebenszeichen von Fender nach dem Ende der CBS-Ära). Heute hat Fender reinen Tisch gemacht und ebnet den Weg für[......]

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Lollar 52 Telecaster Pickups

I’m getting pretty serious about putting together a Telecaster. I’m stumped on which pickups to go after. I want that real vintage quintessential Telecaster tone. I’ve narrowed my build down to an ash body w/ maple neck & fretboard, Bridge & neck pu’s only with two controls & a switch. O[......]

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Fender 52 Reissue Telecaster Left Handed

The Fender American Vintage ’52 Telecaster is one of the longest production models ever to come from the Fender factory and harks back to a time when Cadillacs and Bobby Sox were just as popular as iPads and 3-D TV are now … This fabulous Vintage ’52 Telecaster re-issue from Fender is fastidious[......]

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Lotus 52 Telecaster


Let’s see some pics!

I am firmly in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” camp. Unless the sound is actually actively buggin you, let it be. I have a ’52 RI myself, but I also have a couple other Teles, and a variety of cheap to somewhat expensive guitars. Different is not necessarily w[......]

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