1952 Fender Telecaster Reissue for sale

52 Telecaster Mim


Since I had to do this trade in a cafe, I did ye olde Ear to the Body trick, heard those acoustic vibrations rush right into my ear canal, and did the trade right there. Hopped on a train home, plugged 1952 fender telecaster reissue in, and…uh, VERY LITTLE HUM. You have to understand, my place is like Dimmer Light Hell. Even some humbucker guitars I’ve owned have hummed more than fender telecaster 1952 reissue Tele. Don’t get me wrong, when I leave it on a stand and walk away from it and angle it for the worst magnet vector to the amp, it still proves it’s a single coil. But when I picked fender 1952 telecaster reissue up BAM I couldn’t hear the damn hum! Did he shield this thing like a mofo? That gold hardware sucking up the hertz? Whatever it is, I’m not going to fool with fender 1952 telecaster reissue – I was planning to rip the guts out and put some Dimarzio Areas in – with these pickups, that is no longer the plan.

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