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Nowhere is this re-dedication to detail more evident than on the American Vintage ’52 Telecaster®, which returns to the fold with body, neck and pickups refined …

52 Telecaster Thin Lacquer Finish

The Vintage Hot Rod ’52 Telecaster takes the best of old and new Fender craftsmanship to create a fantastic guitar built for the serious player! Visually very accurate to the look of a ’52 Telecaster, it has a list of sought-after Custom Shop upgrades to make any Tele player drool. It’s got a top-of-the-line thin-skin nitrocellulose lacquer finish that ages quickly and beautifully as well as letting the natural tone of the wood shine. The neck has been streamlined for smooth playability with a satin-finish back, 9.5″ fingerboard radius, and medium-jumbo frets. The three brass saddles on the vintage-style Tele bridge are compensated to allow for more accurate intonation. And a Seymour Duncan Vintage Mini-Humbucker at the neck and a custom-wound Tele bridge pickup deliver the hot tones called for in modern music.

The rest of its features are true-blue ’52 Tele, like the American Vintage model it’s based on: a premium ash body, one-piece maple neck with U-shape profile, Fender/Gotoh vintage-style tuners, a one-ply black pickguard, and chrome hardware.

The U.S. Vintage Hot Rod Series from Fender offers new instruments with specs, looks and features that make them feel as if you were the third owner of a vintage instrument. Here’s your chance to own that beautiful player’s guitar, but in brand new shape and freshly set-up from the Fender factory!

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Left Handed 52 Telecaster

Die Modelle der American Vintage Series gehören schon seit Langem zu den meistverkauftesten Gitarren aus dem Hause Fender (die Einführung der Serie in den 1980er Jahren war das erste Lebenszeichen von Fender nach dem Ende der CBS-Ära). Heute hat Fender reinen Tisch gemacht und ebnet den Weg für eine neue American Vintage Serie mit neuen Features, neuen Spezifikationen und höchster Detailtreue. Anstatt die alten Modelle der Serie einfach durch andere zu ersetzen, haben wir einfach gleich das gesamte Vintage-Reissue-Konzept auf den Kopf gestellt. So kommen wieder die ursprünglichen Gusswerkzeuge zum Einsatz sowie neu abgestimmte Pickups, neuformulierte zeitgenössische Farben und vieles mehr. Als Vorlage dienten echte Vintage-Schätze, die wir ausfindig gemacht haben, um die größtmögliche Authentizität sicherzustellen. Wir haben unsere Hausaufgaben gemacht und unsere Arbeit trägt nun ihre Früchte: Ein wahrlich magischer Sound in jedem American Vintage Modell.

Nirgendwo sonst wird die Liebe zum Detail deutlicher als bei der American Vintage ‘52 Telecaster. Ihr Comeback bestreitet sie mit einem verfeinerten Korpus sowie einem verbesserten Hals und Pickups sowie den besten Features (Klang, Formgebung, Umfänge, Radien u.v.m.). Pate stand dabei eine erlesene Auswahl an ’52er Telecaster Gitarren, die wir hierfür gründlich unter die Lupe genommen haben. Zu den weiteren erstklassigen Features zählen ein Eschekorpus mit einem einlagigen, schwarzen Schlagbrett und hauchdünner Nitrolackierung in hellem „Butterscotch Blonde“, ein stark gewölbter Ahornhals mit „U”-Profil und großzügig abgerundeten Kanten, eine abgesenkte Kopflatte mit Schnecke für höheren Komfort in der ersten Lage, ein als längst verschollen geglaubter, versenkter „Barrel”-Switchtip, Vintage-Mechaniken mit klassischen Abstandsmerkmalen für eine absolut gerade Saitenführung über den Knochensattel, Vintage-Style Bridge mit drei Einzelreitern aus Messing sowie gerändelte „Chrome Domed”-Poti-Knöpfen.

Lollar 52 Telecaster Pickups

I’m getting pretty serious about putting together a Telecaster. I’m stumped on which pickups to go after. I want that real vintage quintessential Telecaster tone. I’ve narrowed my build down to an ash body w/ maple neck & fretboard, Bridge & neck pu’s only with two controls & a switch. Of course, it will have the ashtray bridge & strings through the body. I’ve listened to some samples & Lollar 52’s seem to sound nice. I’m not settled on a brand & I’d like to get any preferences & thoughts you guy might have? The more research I do on this, the more confusing it seems to get..

Lotus 52 Telecaster


Let’s see some pics!

I am firmly in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” camp. Unless the sound is actually actively buggin you, let it be. I have a ’52 RI myself, but I also have a couple other Teles, and a variety of cheap to somewhat expensive guitars. Different is not necessarily worse.

Enjoy the guitar as is, and eventually see if you can play it in comparison to other peoples’ Teles. Unless the sound is really problematic, though, I’d leave it. If you should ever have to sell it, you just about never get the cost of any upgrades back.

Lollar 52 Telecaster

Alnico III’s certainly have a sound of their own, and after trying a boatload of pickups over the years, they’ve become my first choice in all of my Teles for both the bridge and neck pickups. While I’m certain that the Lollar ’52 is a very nice pickup, I’ve often times found that Alnico II pups in the neck position can sometimes be a little muddy, especially if the guitar isn’t inherently bright in the first place. And, while an Alnico II will certainly tame the brightness in the bridge position, you may also find that you’ll lose some tonal qualities in favor of eliminating brightness.

That said, and from my own experience, you may very well find that a set of Alnico III pickups may work very well for you. In the neck position, I’ve found them to be quite warm and sweet sounding without being too muddy, and in the bridge position, they’ll most definitely cut some of the extreme highs that are typically known as “ice-pick” tones that many will find when using an Alnico V pup.

Another thing to consider is that Alnico III pickups will typically have a slightly lesser output than that of the A-II and A-V pups regardless of their resistance ratings, and if you’re looking for an output from a pickup for the sake of having more overdrive, it may not be the right pickup for you. On the other hand, if you’re not concerned about this, a great sounding amp and/or some cool overdrive pedals can certainly compensate for this.

Between Jason Lollar, Don Mare, Lindy Fralin, and amongst the many choices of dozens of pickup winders out there, you essentially have hundreds of choices from which to choose from. If it were me, I’d be inclined to try a set of Fender Original Vintage (OV) or Custom Shop Nocaster pickups. Both sets have Alnico III magnets, and there’s a good reason why they’re so highly praised here on the TDPRI. Plus, you can try them for nearly half the price of those from a boutique pickup winder.

Klein 52 Telecaster

I bought the Klein 52 set a little over a year ago and I am very happy with them. They are alnico 3 so the attack is a little different that alnico 5’s and are a hair brighter. Like most Tele’s I tend to use my tone knob on the bridge some when I have my amp cranked. FWIW my Dad has a Tele that is almost an identical build and he has Fralin pickups in it. We a/b the two guitars going back and forth in the same amp expecting to hear a lot of difference. They were pretty close actually, I don’t know if either one of us would have been able to tell which guitar we were hearing if we had our backs turned. That being said, the Fralins have alnico 5’s. Either way, they are a classic Tele sound.

Klein 52 Telecaster Pickups

For sale is one set of Fender Original Vintage Telecaster pickups. These are the pickups that come stock on the american vintage 52 telecaster reissue. These are some of the best pickups fender makes and they are a good alternative to the Nocaster set if you want a little less agressive sound.

Specs and reviews abound so I’ll just mention that these are sweet. Alnico 3 mags, nickel silver cover on the neck pickup. alnico 3 mags, flat poles, and a baseplate on the bridge pickup.

The set is in played but excellent condition with very little wear and the full length of leads

Comes with everything but the outer sleeve for the pickup box (so, includes pickups, case, surgical tubing and screws, and the original wiring diagram.

$75 paypaled and shipped in the US.

52 Telecaster Knobs

i’d get the dome knobs, fender ones good knurl on em as well, piss cheap $7 each.
whilst your at it replace the screws for slotted ones, did it with my esquier… gives it that extra well finesse, i guess.
Specially for a 50something tele.
If you really wanna go bezerk with it, do the callaham slotted set, your tele will give you that much love extra in return.
It’s all between the ears if you know what i mean… but that’s a good thing with telecasters.
It’s a bad thing with mother inlaws, but then again you can’t spruce her up with a set of ‘vintage correct’ slotted screws.
albeit sure worth a shot!

Telecaster 52 Japonesa

Guitarra Fender Telecaster Japonesa 1984 (Reissue 52) – Canhota Left Lefty

Lendária série fabricada no início dos anos 80 pela Fujigen. Quebra muitas americanas por aí

Inteira original somente foi trocada a chave por uma americana. Ultima regulagem feita ha uma semana na Music Maker. A guitarra não tem case.

Aceito trocas por Gibson Les Paul ou SG… Fender Stratocaster American Standard ou Tom Anderson (CANHOTAS!!! GUITARRAS PARA DESTRO SÓ SE FOR UMA TROCA MUITO VANTAJOSA FINANCEIRAMENTE POIS PEGAREI PARA REVENDER AFINAL SOU CANHOTO. RSRS) . Para esta ultima (Tom Anderson), estudo volta em dinheiro.

Telecaster Jv 52-95

Je vends ce modèle de Télécaster fabriquée au Japon en 82 pendant uniquement 2 mois avec le logo Fender.
Ensuite elles étaient logotées Squier.

Ce modèle est donc très rare.
Quelques recherches vous retraceront l’histoire de cette fabrication de très haute qualité.

En parfait état, poids 3300g, entièrement d’origine
Serial # JV6698
Date ‘8-17-82’