Fender original 1952 telecaster custom for sale

Fender Telecaster 52 Left

fender custom shop 1952 telecaster relic specs:

  • The lead pickup no longer has the two notches in the black pickup base for the winding wires.
  • Gradual use of phillips head screws replaces slot head screws (this change was not complete till 1953).
  • Knurled chrome plated brass knobs with a round top.
  • Late 1952: pressed jack cup replaced milled jack cup. An added internal metal plate is used inside the body jack hole to secure milled cup.
  • Walnut peghead truss rod plug is more oval shaped.
  • Late 1952: Wiring changes on Tele. Now instead of the last knob being a “blend” control (allowing both pickups to be used at the same time), it now becomes a tone knob. The 1950-1952 wiring used a .05mfd cap between the 3 way switch and the volume pot, and a 15k resistor coming off the 3 way switch of original 52 telecaster.

By Fall, the bakelite black guard was replaced by a single ply white trim and a few months later steel superseded brass for the bridge saddles of original 1952 fender telecaster. FENDER also changed the finishing process of the blonde original 52 telecaster finish…The typical ‘butterscotch’ colour gave way to a creamier shade which would soon evolve into a lighter off-white fender custom shop 1952 telecaster relic. Finally, 1954 is also the year when the serial number was removed from the bridge plate to be stamped on the neck anchor plate of original 1952 fender telecaster.

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