Fender Telecaster 52 relic guitar

52 Telecaster Fender

Shorter chrome knobs of fender telecaster 52 relic with more pronounced domes and heavy knurled sides. fender telecaster 52 relic combined bridge/tailpiece with three (flat-ground on bottom) brass saddles. Serial number (“0382”) on the bridge plate beneath the words “FENDER/PAT. PEND.” The neck of fender telecaster 52 relic is dated in pencil “TG 3-6-52” and the body neck-pocket is dated in pencil “TG 3-3-52” One of the potentiometers is stamped “CMG 140 203” (Clarostat January 1952) and the three-way switch is stamped “CRL 1452.” fender telecaster 52 relic guitar is in remarkably fine condition. There are a couple of tiny marks on the front of the guitar (near the three-way switch), a few insignificant “dings” on the body, a small amount of wear to the edges of the fretboard and the frets, and a small amount of playing wear, mainly on the edges, where the fender telecaster 52 relic guitar has rubbed against the player’s body. The fretboard itself is remarkably clean with only a few small wear spots on the first five frets. The Butterscotch of fender telecaster 52 relic has mellowed to a rich, creamy color.

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