52 Telecaster Mim

First post! I just ran into a rather strange guitar at GC today and I cant seem to find ANY info on it online or even GC website. It was labeled a Standard Telecaster Butterscotch. It looks just like an AVI 52 RI Tele!
Anyone help with this guitar?! The body was butterscotch blonde, exactly the same finish as the 52 RI, the neck is about the same, the headstock had the old “spaghetti” Fender logo and tele logo EXACTLY like the 52RI, and even a vintage 3 saddle bridge. The knobs were flipped however, with the pup switch on the bottom instead of the top like ive seen on every other tele. The back is MIM and has a “Fender Special Edition” stamp. There wasn’t a single other one like it there. Cant find anything online. Thats why i cant find a pict to post here. Does anybody know about this Tele that can give me some info/insight to it?? I played her, and she plays fantastic too! Im really surprised. Hoping someone here can shed some light for me. Thanks!

–Its EXACTLY this, except ONE diff – the knob/switch are flipped upside down. Other than that, its completely the same as this American one head to

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