Telecaster 52 Reissue Occasion

This is a Fender 52 Reissue Tobacco Foto Flame (front and back) 1997 CIJ Tele with all USA electronics. Every aspect of this body is built to the specifications of a 52 Telecaster right down to the routing in the body and the straight edge screws. This Foto model has a Tobacco flame on front AND back with an Alder body. The neck is the 52 chunky V shape made from Maple with the skunk stripe on back. This has a set of Fender Custom Shop 52 RI Pickups with Custom 4-way switching which does the following: Position #1 is the bridge, which delivers that true 52 biting Tele sound. Powerful. Position #2 is the 52 pickups together just like on a regular 52 Tele with that wonderful Tele rhythm sound. Position #3 is the 52 the neck Pickup with the powerful, full rich 52 sound. Position #4 is the neck and bridge pickup in a series, with make both pickups act as a combined humbucker and give a really powerful, full Les Paul sound.

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