52 Telecaster Reissue Review

Keeping this in mind the instrument we are reviewing today is based on one of Fender’s most popular models the ’52 Reissue, but now updated under its new vintage hot rod range.


Introduced in January 2007 this particular Telecaster fuses the classic 50s look with modern features to create a unique instrument with a vintage vibe whilst remaining playable by today’s standards.

Stand out features include; the Seymour Duncan Mini-Humbucker at the neck, and a custom vintage Tele pickup in the bridge. These are selected via the usual Telecaster 3-way blade switch. This guitar also carries Fender’s recent “Thin-Skin” Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish, a thinner layer of Nitrocellulose than on other vintage reissue guitars. This is so as to allow the wood to breathe and age more naturally whilst aiding resonance. I actually was able to compare the finish on my instrument to a regular ‘52 RI and the finish on the original ’52 is noticeably thicker

Cosmetically the Tele is finished in butterscotch blonde, whilst the maple neck is satin backed, carrying medium jumbo frets with a flatter than usual radius. Vintage style tuners compliment the headstock and one lone round string retainer completes the package.

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