52 Telecaster Reissue Serial Number

That’s just the way they did it back then (say 1950-1954) on the Broadcaster/”Nocaster”/Telecaster so they recreated it for the AV ’52. Side note – the very earliest Strats in 1954 had the serial number engraved on the plastic back plate that covers the trem springs – which a lot of folks simply removed to make string changes easier. I know the Strats switched to having the serial number on metal neck plate after those first few months of production in 1954; I would have to assume that Teles also switched about the same time.

I had a 2004; it did have a “certificate” with the serial number as well, which is a good thing since the guitar also came with an additional 6-saddle vintage bridge (in the case, not installed) that did not have a serial number on it.

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