52 Telecaster Schematic

The Nocaster pickups themselves are just like any other set of tele pickups. Are you perhaps thinking about the vintage Nocaster wiring circuit? The diagrams that beatlfan has linked for you will get you half way there by including the “dark” position, but the Nocaster was different than the ’52 Telecaster Schematic circuit. In the ’52 tele circuit position 1 is bridge only with tone knob while in the nocaster circuit the knob which is usually tone serves as a blend know. The knob in the fully clockwise position is bridge only, while turning the knob counterclockwise blends increasing amounts of the neck pickup with absolutely no tone filtering. It’s definitely not for everyone, but I just adding this for clarification.

I’ll look for the circuit sheet that came with my nocatsre, but heck I’ve had it since 2001 (never modified it from vintage circuit) so no guarranties that I will find it. You might try googling 52 tele blend circuit.

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