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1952 Fender Telecaster Guitar

Fender 52 Reissue Telecaster Left Handed



The real benefit to this is that 1952 fender telecaster guitar is now the only single coil in my house. Which means everything good about the single coil that you’d hate to sacrifice away is now retained – I feel like I’m hardwired directly into my amp! I just finished a good 3 hour session with 1952 fender telecaster putting it through its paces, hooking it into my Pro Reverb, trying it out with pedals – it’s a champ! And a road warrior too, in the pics below you’ll see the brass saddles sweated through to the tarnish. I’m looking forward to putting my own stamp on fender telecaster 1952! BTW neither the neck or body were rubbery or sticky at all, which shocked me coming from the thick rubbery butterscotch body of the other ‘fender telecaster 1952, and the sticky orange neck of an EJ strat. I can just pick fender 1952 telecaster up and get right into fender 1952 telecaster and honestly just forget about any distractions – no buzz, rattle, fretout, intonation probs, nothing! And as said before, very little hum, like WAY low. Honestly, I”ve had a few strat Area pickups that had more hum!