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52 Tele Hot Rod



‎05-03-2010 04:15 PM

I watched a guy play a ’52 Hot Rod Tele at a house party a while ago…he used the neck mini-humbucker almost exclusively and his tone was just crazy good. Loved that sound.

I was looking into the ’52 Hot Rod and was wondering what are the major differences between it and an American Standard Telecaster? Obviously there’s the Duncan neck mini-humbucker, but other than that what makes the ’52 a $1500 guitar and a standard a $900 guitar?

I’d be really interested in just getting an American and putting in the neck mini-bucker myself.

Fender 52 Tele

True to the classic original that revolutionized the electric guitar.

Get the Fender American Vintage ’52 Telecaster Electric Guitar and you’ll be using it at most of your gigs. All original specs are adhered to in this faithful reissue, including neck shape, fingerboard radius, hardware, pickups, and electronics. Features two new American Vintage Tele pickups and the original Tele bridge, premium ash body, and a tinted maple neck.


  • Premium ash body
  • Butterscotch blond nitrocellulose finish
  • Tinted maple neck
  • Original Tele bridge
  • 21 vintage-style pickups with vintage pickup switching
  • Cloth-wrapped wire
  • Wiring kit for modern switching conversion
  • Vintage-style bridge with 3 brass barrel saddles
  • Ashtray bridge cover
  • Vintage leather strap

Fender52 Tele


If this is the non-hotrod version, I don’t think how anyone could say that the 52 RI has a big neck. It’s smaller than my 58 Les Paul, and it’s smaller than any strat neck.

I would think for a woman..it would be perfect…especially with the vintage frets.

I must stress that this is one of the best guitars ever made.