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52 Telecaster Factory Limited Run Humbucker


But sometimes you just need something that adds more richness to recordings. It’s well enough to use guitars and basses – but what about something that layers sounds in between? Here’s where 8- and 7-string guitars come in, and my favorite mid-voice: the Baritone.

The baritone guitar is an interesting animal. You get the neck feel of a 6 string guitar – just longer. It doesn’t have the width of a 7-, 8-, or even 9-string guitar’s neck. It feels right at home to the traditional 6-string guitar player – just a little further to the left (or right, for my left-handed friends). I personally love just about any of the extended-range guitars including the old Fender Bass VI – very nice. But sometimes, you just wanna get low without having to deal with a different feel.

Baritones are generally like a thin-necked 7-string minus the high e. It’s important to note that the interpretation of “Baritone guitar” has many permutations. Some feel that 7-strings (and more) are baritones. Some feel that it has to be a 6-string guitar with a longer scale. Yet others feel that putting telephone wires (humor me here… laughter is great) on a standard 6 and just tuning the guitar down a bunch. My definition is really more simple: a long-scale 6-string tuned the next “string” lower – generally starting on a low B below the “standard” low E of a traditional 6. I’ve played Baritones from LTD/ESP to Fender to Epiphone to Gibson and Agile. I’ve liked them all.

Fender is no stranger to the Baritone business, with adaptations of the Bass VI, the Jazzmaster Baritone, and even the wonderful Jaguar limited edition HH Baritone guitar all being great guitars that give Fender some wonderful credibility for making a long scale low-tuned beast.



52 Telecaster Factory Limited Run 12


Fender Limited Edition Japanese Made ’52 Telecaster Electric Guitar -Natural with Maple fretboard

This is a very limited opportunity to grab yourself a rare beauty … Fender are making a very limited one-off supply of ’52 re-issue Telecaster models at their manufacturing facility in Japan – this is a once only offer by Fender and once it’s gone – that’s it, no more are planned. The Fender ’52 Vintage Telecaster is shown here made from Alder with a Natural wood finish, the bolt-on neck is made from Japanese Maple and sound comes courtesy of twin vintage Fender Telecaster single coil pick-ups …

The bridge is a period correct 3-saddle brass model complimented by a brass base plate for enhanced resonance, the controls knobs are the classic single tone and volume knurled chrome rotary type assisted by a 3-way top-hat pick-up selector switch.All hardware is chrome plated including the vintage style enclosed machine heads … This Japanese made Fender ’52 Telecaster is a very rare model and will be available in very limited numbers so those who are interested are advised to check out this rare beauty at their earliest convenience …

52 Telecaster Factory Limited Run 10

US SHIPPING ONLY .This guitar was a recent purchase but the neck is just too thick for me. This is a Fender telecaster Telebration Empress. It’s in excellent condition with a few swirls on the pickguard and maybe a very small mark or two. I am the second owner. The first owner hardly used it and it looks it. It has a vintage white finish but it looks like a very pale yellow. All the case candy is included. This guitar was part of Fenders 60th Anniversary guitar line in 2011 and I believe there were only 500 made in this color. One of the reasons I bought it is that it is very light in weight, around 6 pounds. Comes with original Fender molded case.
It has a modern C shaped neck with a maple fingerboard radius of 9.5. The scale length is 25.5″. The width at the nut is 1.685″, 22 frets. If you need to know more, please check on the internet. It has gotten excellent reviews. Please look at the pictures carefully as they are an important part of my descriptions. Shipping to the US ONLY by UPS ground carrier for a fee of $75.00. Payment accepted: PAYPAL. Please check my feedback and bid with confidence. Questions are welcomed.

52 Telecaster Factory Limited Run


This is a Squier Classic Vibe Custom telecaster, which differs from the original CV 50s teles in a few ways, most obviously the binding and rosewood, but it also has a notably slimmer, quicker neck and ostensibly brighter (I haven’t A/B’d them) alnico 5 pickups.

Ordinarily these come in sunburst with white binding, but there was a limited run of them as black with white trim and white with black trim. Last I checked these weren’t available on the big box sites like musician’s friend, in fact, the only online retailer I’ve seen them at was sweetwater, who had 3 or 4. As of this writing they have one left. If you want a black one, here’s your chance.

Anyway, this was my first time ordering from Sweetwater. They have an aggressive customer service style, where they will actively seek you out to talk to you about your order. I’m somewhat indifferent on this, but if I had a problem or question it’d probably be really nice.

Sweetwater boasts a “55 point inspection” process, whereby (they claim) their people will examine and set up the guitar before it ships. I like the idea of this, but in my case the guitar wasn’t much better set up than it would be if I ordered from MF. No big deal, I can do basic setup work myself. Just thought I’d mention it.

Onto the guitar itself.