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52 Telecaster Japan


There are some very important years in the history of mankind. 0 AD and the birth of Christ, 1215 and The Magna Carta, and 1952 the year the Fender Telecaster finally arrived for all the world to see and love. Fender have been making their tribute to this for quite a number of years now, and it has not waned in popularity at all. The features are all about the vintage, albeit with a get-out clause in the shape of a modern wiring upgrade kit for those of you who like the looks but not the old style wiring format. Other standout features include a premium ash body, one-piece U-shaped maple neck with 7.25″-radius fingerboard, single-ply black pickguard and original Tele circuit with three-position switch, brass bridge saddles and ashtray bridge cover. It’s a modern classic of a classic, and as authorised Fender dealers, Wunjo Guitars can get you one from new anytime. Tweed case included.