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52 Telecaster Neck Profile

The enduring strength of the Telecaster® guitar is its elegant simplicity. One of the longest-running production models in history, it has been modified only slightly since its early 1951 debut. The American Vintage ’52 Telecaster Reissue has a premium ash body, one-piece U-shaped maple neck and 7.25”-radius fingerboard. It features two American Vintage Tele® single-coil pickups, original Tele® circuit with three-position switch, brass bridge saddles, ashtray bridge cover, single-ply black pickguard, chrome hardware and master volume and master tone controls. Vintage six-saddle bridge and modern wiring kit included as accessories.

52 Telecaster Neck Thickness

The Telecaster is without question a classic instrument. It has an instantly identifiable sound – especially in the bridge and middle positions. However, the neck pickup alone is slightly weaker than the bridge position. Not to say that it doesn’t sound good, because it does. In fact Seymour Duncan makes several vintage output Tele neck pickups for those who are after 
that traditional, sweet Tele neck sound. I have the STR-1 Vintage Rhythm in the neck of one of my Telecasters and it’s silky smooth.

However, some players need a little bit more from their neck pickup – something that can match the power of the bridge pickup with some grunt of its own. For players who have decided they want to go in that direction, there are many options.

Hot Tele Neck Pickups

The most obvious first step is to find a hotter pickup in the same style as a regular Tele neck pickup. Two obvious candidates here are the Hot for Tele, which gives you a similar sound to a vintage pickup but with boosted output, or the Hot Rails, which will provide a more humbucker-like tone with bags and bags of output – probably even more than a regular Tele bridge pickup!

52 Telecaster Neck Pickup


The American Vintage series introduces an all-new lineup of original-era model year guitars that bring Fender history and heritage to authentic and exciting new life. With key features and pivotal design elements spanning the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s, new American Vintage series instruments delve deep into Fender’s roots—expertly preserving an innovative U.S. guitar-making legacy and vividly demonstrating like never before that Fender not only knows where it’s going, but also remembers where it came from.

The American Vintage Series has long presented some of Fender’s best selling guitars (their early-’80s introduction, in fact, was one of the first signs that Fender was “back” as the CBS era ended). Today, Fender has boldly cleared the slate to make way for a fresh American Vintage series with new features, new specs and the most meticulous level of vintage accuracy yet. Rather than just replacing the previous models with different ones, we’ve completely and comprehensively re-imagined the entire vintage-reissue concept—restoring original tooling dies, voicing new pickups, reformulating vintage colors and more—based on actual vintage guitars we tracked down to make sure we had it right. We did the work, and it shows, because there’s pure tonal magic in each new American Vintage instrument.

Nowhere is this re-dedication to detail more evident than on the American Vintage ’52 Telecaster®, which returns to the fold with body, neck and pickups refined with the best features (tones, curves, perimeters, radii and more) from a handful of extraordinary ’52 Tele® specimens we examined. Premium features include an ash body with a singe-ply black pickguard and thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish in lighter Butterscotch Blonde, deep maple neck with “U”-shaped profile and generously rolled edges, sculpted headstock volute for even more first-position comfort, long-lost recessed-top “barrel” switch tip, vintage tuner spacing for truly straight string pull over the bone nut, vintage-style bridge with three brass saddles, and knurled chrome domed control knobs.

52 Telecaster Neck Shape


Hey guys, this is my first add here and i haven’t posted too much although i’ve been a member for a couple years and i read these forums regularly. My Ebay name is redsnd79 with 100% positive feedback if you wanna check that.

Anyways… i’ve got a guitar which i believe is the body/ electronics of a 52 RI tele serial # 11486 probably from the late 80’s early 90’s and the neck from a 51 nocaster. My research tells me that the nocasters were built in the custom shop and this neck is AWESOME. Real fat (U Shape?) worn in and feels amazing. The neck is stamped HECTOR MONTES who i’ve read worked in the custom shop in 90’s and is dated April 02, 1990 (I think thats what it says, its very difficult to make out the year, it looks more like 1880)
Also includes a real nice fender deluxe hardshell case, strap with 1 straplock, and the ashtray bridge cover. 1700