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52 Telecaster White Pickguard


To take the American Vintage series forward, we needed to return to the source and go back in time. We zeroed in on a goldmine of unbelievable original vintage specimens, and we spared no detail in painstakingly dissecting and documenting each phenomenal original-era instrument. We made the journey. We did the work. We dived deep. Every detail was scrutinized, studied and honed.

After exhaustive research, we restored existing ’50s-era tooling to the glory of its prime. We created new tooling to craft parts even more authentically. Manufacturing processes were upgraded and refined. New pickups were voiced for each guitar and bass. And much more. Watch the videos and look at the images to see some examples of the journey we took in researching these vintage instruments to make our newest American Vintage models

52 Telecaster Pickguard

Comments about Fender 52 Telecaster 5-hole 1-Ply Pickguard:

I bought this pick guard to replace an incorrect tortoise shell guard on an MIJ 52 Tele re-issue. It does not fit perfectly. The holes do not match up exactly but you can put the screws in at a slight angel. I also had to shave it down a little at the neck join. The finish is a little bit glossy, I would prefer it to be a bit more like a satin to matte finish. All that said it is certainly is a vast improvement.