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Lollar 52 Telecaster Pickups

I’m getting pretty serious about putting together a Telecaster. I’m stumped on which pickups to go after. I want that real vintage quintessential Telecaster tone. I’ve narrowed my build down to an ash body w/ maple neck & fretboard, Bridge & neck pu’s only with two controls & a switch. Of course, it will have the ashtray bridge & strings through the body. I’ve listened to some samples & Lollar 52’s seem to sound nice. I’m not settled on a brand & I’d like to get any preferences & thoughts you guy might have? The more research I do on this, the more confusing it seems to get..

Klein 52 Telecaster Pickups

For sale is one set of Fender Original Vintage Telecaster pickups. These are the pickups that come stock on the american vintage 52 telecaster reissue. These are some of the best pickups fender makes and they are a good alternative to the Nocaster set if you want a little less agressive sound.

Specs and reviews abound so I’ll just mention that these are sweet. Alnico 3 mags, nickel silver cover on the neck pickup. alnico 3 mags, flat poles, and a baseplate on the bridge pickup.

The set is in played but excellent condition with very little wear and the full length of leads

Comes with everything but the outer sleeve for the pickup box (so, includes pickups, case, surgical tubing and screws, and the original wiring diagram.

$75 paypaled and shipped in the US.