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Fender 52 Telecaster guitar for sale

Fender Telecaster 52 Left

52 telecaster guitar surrounds both single coil pickups installed on this model. Behind the pickups Fender installs the famous “tray” bridge with chrome plating and three saddles. Neck on this model is equipped with a regular U contour and bolt-on joint. 52 telecaster has maple neck is topped with a 21-fret maple fingerboard. Medium jumbo frets, black dot inlays, 1.65″ synthetic bone string nut and 9.50″ radius are featured on the fingerboard of 52 telecaster.

Win 52 telecaster guitar.

52 Telecaster Schematic

The Nocaster pickups themselves are just like any other set of tele pickups. Are you perhaps thinking about the vintage Nocaster wiring circuit? The diagrams that beatlfan has linked for you will get you half way there by including the “dark” position, but the Nocaster was different than the ’52 Telecaster Schematic circuit. In the ’52 tele circuit position 1 is bridge only with tone knob while in the nocaster circuit the knob which is usually tone serves as a blend know. The knob in the fully clockwise position is bridge only, while turning the knob counterclockwise blends increasing amounts of the neck pickup with absolutely no tone filtering. It’s definitely not for everyone, but I just adding this for clarification.

I’ll look for the circuit sheet that came with my nocatsre, but heck I’ve had it since 2001 (never modified it from vintage circuit) so no guarranties that I will find it. You might try googling 52 tele blend circuit.

52 Telecaster Mim

First post! I just ran into a rather strange guitar at GC today and I cant seem to find ANY info on it online or even GC website. It was labeled a Standard Telecaster Butterscotch. It looks just like an AVI 52 RI Tele!
Anyone help with this guitar?! The body was butterscotch blonde, exactly the same finish as the 52 RI, the neck is about the same, the headstock had the old “spaghetti” Fender logo and tele logo EXACTLY like the 52RI, and even a vintage 3 saddle bridge. The knobs were flipped however, with the pup switch on the bottom instead of the top like ive seen on every other tele. The back is MIM and has a “Fender Special Edition” stamp. There wasn’t a single other one like it there. Cant find anything online. Thats why i cant find a pict to post here. Does anybody know about this Tele that can give me some info/insight to it?? I played her, and she plays fantastic too! Im really surprised. Hoping someone here can shed some light for me. Thanks!

–Its EXACTLY this, except ONE diff – the knob/switch are flipped upside down. Other than that, its completely the same as this American one head to

Lotus 52 Telecaster


Let’s see some pics!

I am firmly in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” camp. Unless the sound is actually actively buggin you, let it be. I have a ’52 RI myself, but I also have a couple other Teles, and a variety of cheap to somewhat expensive guitars. Different is not necessarily worse.

Enjoy the guitar as is, and eventually see if you can play it in comparison to other peoples’ Teles. Unless the sound is really problematic, though, I’d leave it. If you should ever have to sell it, you just about never get the cost of any upgrades back.

Lollar 52 Telecaster

Alnico III’s certainly have a sound of their own, and after trying a boatload of pickups over the years, they’ve become my first choice in all of my Teles for both the bridge and neck pickups. While I’m certain that the Lollar ’52 is a very nice pickup, I’ve often times found that Alnico II pups in the neck position can sometimes be a little muddy, especially if the guitar isn’t inherently bright in the first place. And, while an Alnico II will certainly tame the brightness in the bridge position, you may also find that you’ll lose some tonal qualities in favor of eliminating brightness.

That said, and from my own experience, you may very well find that a set of Alnico III pickups may work very well for you. In the neck position, I’ve found them to be quite warm and sweet sounding without being too muddy, and in the bridge position, they’ll most definitely cut some of the extreme highs that are typically known as “ice-pick” tones that many will find when using an Alnico V pup.

Another thing to consider is that Alnico III pickups will typically have a slightly lesser output than that of the A-II and A-V pups regardless of their resistance ratings, and if you’re looking for an output from a pickup for the sake of having more overdrive, it may not be the right pickup for you. On the other hand, if you’re not concerned about this, a great sounding amp and/or some cool overdrive pedals can certainly compensate for this.

Between Jason Lollar, Don Mare, Lindy Fralin, and amongst the many choices of dozens of pickup winders out there, you essentially have hundreds of choices from which to choose from. If it were me, I’d be inclined to try a set of Fender Original Vintage (OV) or Custom Shop Nocaster pickups. Both sets have Alnico III magnets, and there’s a good reason why they’re so highly praised here on the TDPRI. Plus, you can try them for nearly half the price of those from a boutique pickup winder.

Klein 52 Telecaster

I bought the Klein 52 set a little over a year ago and I am very happy with them. They are alnico 3 so the attack is a little different that alnico 5’s and are a hair brighter. Like most Tele’s I tend to use my tone knob on the bridge some when I have my amp cranked. FWIW my Dad has a Tele that is almost an identical build and he has Fralin pickups in it. We a/b the two guitars going back and forth in the same amp expecting to hear a lot of difference. They were pretty close actually, I don’t know if either one of us would have been able to tell which guitar we were hearing if we had our backs turned. That being said, the Fralins have alnico 5’s. Either way, they are a classic Tele sound.

52 Telecaster Knobs

i’d get the dome knobs, fender ones good knurl on em as well, piss cheap $7 each.
whilst your at it replace the screws for slotted ones, did it with my esquier… gives it that extra well finesse, i guess.
Specially for a 50something tele.
If you really wanna go bezerk with it, do the callaham slotted set, your tele will give you that much love extra in return.
It’s all between the ears if you know what i mean… but that’s a good thing with telecasters.
It’s a bad thing with mother inlaws, but then again you can’t spruce her up with a set of ‘vintage correct’ slotted screws.
albeit sure worth a shot!

52 Telecaster Tuners

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description: official fender ’52 reissue telecaster neck complete w/ vintage tuning pegs- fender ’52 reissue telecaster- 1-piece maple- oval shape- 7.25″ radius- 21 vintage frets- genuine fender

condition: mint

year: 2013 ’52 reissue

serial #: jd13000363

country/make: japan

comments: you are looking at a gorgeous mint fender ’52 reissue telecaster neck & tuners! if you want a pure vintage looking and playing tele this is your neck. the frets, fingerboard, headstock, and back of the neck are perfect. it is also nice and straight w/ truss rod in perfect condition. get a true tele player’s dream neck. buy it today!

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52 Telecaster Scratchplate

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