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Fender Telecaster 52 Left

Fender American Vintage ’52 Tele Left Handed Electric Guitar Features

  • Ash body finished in thin nitrocellulose lacquer
  • Maple U shaped neck for the fat feel of the original
  • Long-lost recessed-top ‘barrel’ switch tip
  • Vintage tuner spacing for truly straight string pull over the bone nut
  • Vintage-style bridge with three brass saddles
  • Knurled chrome domed control knobs

Fender American Vintage Series
The American Vintage series introduces a lineup of original-era model year guitars that bring Fender history and heritage to authentic and exciting new life. With key features and pivotal design elements spanning the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s, the Fender American Vintage series instruments delve deep into Fender’s roots, expertly preserving an innovative U.S. guitar-making legacy and vividly demonstrating like never before that Fender not only knows where it’s going, but also remembers where it came from.

The American Vintage Series has long presented some of Fender’s best selling guitars. Today, Fender has boldly cleared the slate to make way for a fresh American Vintage series with new features, new specs and the most meticulous level of vintage accuracy yet. Rather than just replacing the previous models with different ones, Fender completely and comprehensively re-imagined the entire vintage-reissue concept – restoring original tooling dies, voicing new pickups, reformulating vintage colors and more – based on actual vintage guitars they tracked down to make sure they had it right. Fender did the work, and it shows, because there’s pure tonal magic in each American Vintage instrument.

Fender Telecaster 52 Keith Richards

Keith Richards Signature Model Telecaster

I received my CIJ Keith Richards model Tele from Archie Stone today. Got it at work and couldn’t wait to get it home to try it out.

First off, what a great looking axe. Nice white blond finish on what looks to be a 2-piece ash body with plenty of nice grain showing through. Tight neck pocket with a killer vintage U shaped neck. 7.25 radius and vintage frets, nice and smooth.
The brass 6 saddle bridge plate looks a little odd but not bad. I’ll probably change it to a vintage 3 saddle.
Gotoh tuners that are very smooth and hold tune well. Vintage 52RI string tree.

Domed control knobs and 3-way switch. 5 hole 1 ply pickguard with chrome covered humbucker and pickup ring.

Aesthetically – a very nice looking Tele.

Set up was fair. I had to tweak the action and intonation a little bit, but not bad.

Sound very nice unplugged. No fret buzz, Very harmonic to my ears.

I plugged it in to my Roland cube 30. What a great sounding axe.

I started with the bridge pup. To me, this sounds similar to the Nocaster in my Nashville. Fender Japan says it is a vintage Tele. With just a little delay, I got all the twang I could handle. About midway on the tone, I was getting the country style tones that are expected from a vintage bridge pup.

The Dragster humbucker I wasn’t sure about until I played along with some B.B. King tunes and this pup is so smooth, I was matching some of the licks and was very pleased. Not exact, but very nice bluesy tones.

With a little more volume, I got a little break-up that sounded just about right. I’ll have to try it in my Blues Juniorr to check out the tube tones with it. But so far, very pleasing to my ear.

OK, mid position… There was a thread that asked the question,” Does a Tele Jangle??”

To me the tones Keef got on the song “Brown Sugar” is a jangle to me. This position nails that tone to a tee. It’s definitely not a Rickenbacker tone, but it’s a very bright and ringing tone that will be very versatile by playing with the tone a bit.

All in all a very nice looking and playing Tele that I will be spending a lot of time with.

The only changes I will be making are, adding straplocks and I will probably swap the bridge to a 3 saddle vintage style. I’ll review again after the change and quite a bit more playtime.

Greg Beecher (FDP: riggergreg)

Fender Telecaster 52 Gaucher

La série American Vintage a pendant longtemps procuré à Fender ses meilleures ventes de guitares. Sa commercialisation, au début des années 80, était en fait l’un des signes avant-coureurs du retour fracassant de Fender, tandis que s’achevait le règne de CBS. Aujourd’hui, c’est non sans audace que Fender repart de zéro pour présenter une série American Vintage originale comportant de nouvelles caractéristiques et spécificités, ainsi que le plus haut niveau de précision vintage jamais atteint. Au lieu de purement et simplement remplacer nos anciens modèles, nous avons repensé le concept de la réédition vintage de A à Z, en restaurant les outils originaux, en élaborant de nouveaux micros, en retravaillant les couleurs vintage, et plus encore. Pour ne rien laisser au hasard, cette nouvelle aspiration est basée sur d’authentiques guitares vintage. Le contrat a été rempli, et pour preuve : chaque instrument American Vintage délivre une sonorité tout bonnement magique.

C’est avec l’American Vintage ’52 Telecaster pour gauchers que le souci du détail est le plus frappant : c’est le grand retour aux fondamentaux, avec un corps, un manche et des micros se targuant des meilleures caractéristiques possibles (sonorité, courbes, pourtours, radius, etc.) et s’inspirant de quelques modèles ’52 Telecaster. Parmi les caractéristiques haut de gamme, on trouve un corps en frêne équipé d’une Plaque de protection noire à un pli avec finition en fine laque de nitrocellulose (coloris Butterscotch Blonde plus clair), un manche épais en érable en forme de « U » aux rebords généreusement enroulés, une volute de tête sculptée garantissant un confort supérieur en première position, un capuchon de sélecteur cylindrique remis au goût du jour, un espacement des mécaniques vintage permettant aux cordes de passer réellement au-dessus du sillet (en os), un Chevalet vintage doté de trois pontets en laiton, et des potentiomètres de contrôle bombés, chromés et moletés.

Fender Telecaster 52 Ebay

True to the classic original that revolutionized the electric guitar.
Get the Fender American Vintage ’52 Telecaster Electric Guitar and you’ll be using it at most of your gigs. All original specs are adhered to in this faithful reissue, including neck shape, fingerboard radius, hardware, pickups, and electronics. Features two new American Vintage Tele pickups and the original Tele bridge, premium ash body, and a tinted maple neck.

Premium ash body
Butterscotch blond nitrocellulose finish
Tinted maple neck
Original Tele bridge
21 vintage-style pickups with vintage pickup switching
Cloth-wrapped wire
Wiring kit for modern switching conversion
Vintage-style bridge with 3 brass barrel saddles
Ashtray bridge cover
Vintage leather strap

Fender Telecaster 52 Esquire

Fender Custom Shop ’52 Esquire NOS Tele Telecaster Copper Guitar

This is a Fender Custom Shop ’52 Esquire NOS Tele Telecaster Copper Guitar. This is just like a NOS (New Old Stock) Fender Esquire like it just came off the rack from 1952. The Esquire Copper finish was available in 1952 but was a custom color. We had a premium lightweight ash body picked that has great tone and built for playing comfort. Weighing in at 6.7 lbs this guitar is light. The maple neck sports the classic ’51 Nocaster Fat Neck Profile. A traditional maple fingerboard sports black dot inlays, 21 smaller 6105 fretsbut a flatter fretboard radius of 9.5″ for more comfort. The pickup is a single Fender Custom Shop Broadcaster Pickup with three-way switching has the sought-after sound of yesterday with the benefits of modern wiring. The Fender guitar has vintage hardware, a white 1-ply pickguard and Original Vintage Tele Bridge with 3 Brass Saddles complete the dream.

3-way switching

The 3-way toggle switch gives you 3 preset tones. In the bridge position the pickup is only connected to the volume control (the tone control is disconnected). This minimal circuitry provides more top-end sparkle than a Telecaster. In the middle position the standard tone control circuit is activated and it functions just like any other tone control. In the neck position the tone control is disengaged, but a tone-shaping capacitor is added that rolls off a lot of the top end and some of the bottom. This setting produces darker tone along with slightly less volume.

Fender Custom Shop ’52 Esquire NOS Tele Telecaster Copper Guitar Specifications:

Series: Fender Custom Shop
Model Name: ’52 Esquire® NOS®
Colors: Copper,
(Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish)
Body: Premium Lightweight Ash Body,
Weight: 6.7 lbs
Neck: 1-Piece Maple, Early ‘51 Fat “U” Shape,
Neck Dimensions: .950″ 1st Fret, .950″ 12th Fret
(Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish)

Fingerboard: Maple, 9.5” Radius (241 mm)
No. of Frets: 21 Dunlop® 6105 Narrow Jumbo Frets
Pickups: 1 Fender Custom Shop Broadcaster (Bridge),
(Modern Wiring Circuit)
Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone
Pickup Switching 3-Position Blade:
Position 1. Tone Control is Disconnected
Position 2. Tone Control is activated and functions normally
Position 3. Ton Control is disconnected and Tone Capacitor is added that rolls off highs and some lows.
(Modern Wiring Circuit)

Bridge: Original Vintage Tele Bridge with 3 Brass Saddles
Machine Heads: Fender®/Gotoh® Vintage Style Tuning Machines
Hardware Nickel/Chrome
Pickguard: 1-Ply White Esquire Bakelite, (5-Hole)
Scale Length: 25.5” (648 mm)
Width at Nut: 1.650” (42 mm)
Strings: Fender Super 250R, Nickel Plated Steel,
Gauges: (.010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046),
P/N 073-0250-006
Accessories: Deluxe Tan G&G Hardshell Case (Orange Crushed Velvet Interior), Strap, Cable, Polishing Cloth, Certificate of Authenticity
Case: Deluxe G&G Hardshell Case


fender telecaster 52 pickups

For sale is this used 2003 Fender ’52 Vintage Reissue Telecaster electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 33172, is in excellent condition and includes the original Fender tweed case, original ashtray cover, and the original Certificate of Authenticity issued by Fender. With a list price over $2,200, be sure to take advantage of this offer, and get this


This one owner example is in excellent used condition with a couple dings on the guitar. One large ding on the back of the neck and a couple small ones on the body. Otherwise, the guitar is in very excellent condition with no substantial playing wear. The guitar was recently setup with Pyramid .009 strings, and it feels, plays and sounds amazing. Without a doubt one of the best all around guitars for the money, the ’52 Tele RI is a must have for players of all styles, studios looking for a standard versatile recording instrument, or just the enthusiast with classic sensibilities.

All original specs are adhered to in this faithful reissue, including neck shape, fingerboard radius, hardware, pickups, and electronics. This classic reissue features; 2 American Vintage Tele pickups and the original Tele bridge, premium ash body, and a tinted maple neck. The guitar weighs 8 pounds and 9 ounces.

Fender Telecaster 52 Occasion

Great sound played acoustically or amplified.

The Fender FM-52E Acoustic-Electric Mandolin is a bluegrass showboat with a full-range single-coil pickup with volume and tone controls. You’ll never be drowned out by those big dreadnought acoustics again. Mandolin features a spruce top; nato neck, back, and sides; and rosewood fingerboard and bridge. 4-in-line chrome tuners with white plastic tuning knobs. The Fender FM-52E Mandolin has great tone plugged or unplugged

Fender Telecaster 52 American Vintage Reissue

American Vintage ’52 Telecaster Re-issue

by Fender


The enduring strength of the Telecaster® guitar is its elegant simplicity. One of the longest-running production models in history, it has been modified only slightly since its early 1951 debut. The American Vintage ’52 Telecaster Reissue has a premium ash body, one-piece U-shaped maple neck and 7.25”-radius fingerboard. It features two American Vintage Tele® single-coil pickups, original Tele® circuit with three-position switch, brass bridge saddles, ashtray bridge cover, single-ply black pickguard, chrome hardware and master volume and master tone controls. Vintage six-saddle bridge and modern wiring kit included as accessories.

Fender Hot Rod Telecaster 52

I think the only other difference between the HR and the 52RI that hasn’t been mentioned above, is that the HR has a satin-back maple neck, whereas the 52RI is nitro. Perhaps, coupled with the 9.5″ radius and MJ frets, this is why folks say the HR is easier to play than the 52RI.

I liked the playability of the HR, but prefer the vintage accuracy of the single-coil neck pickup on the 52RI. I just couldn’t get used to the SD mini-humbucker (fine pickup though it is) in the neck position.

Maybe Fender can issue a HR for guys like me, with a single-coil neck pickup, and call it the ‘Cunetto NOS’, as both the HR and Cunetto Nocasters had compensated brass saddles, a 9.5″ radius neck, phillips screws, hot bridge pickups and a thin nitro finish.

I’d buy a ‘Cunetto NOS’ in a heart-beat! Come on Fender! Sit up and take note!

Fender Telecaster 52

Fender 2013 Limited Edition ‘52 Telecaster MN – Vintage Natural

This Fender 2013 Limited Edition ‘52 Telecaster offers classic design and vintage feel with the masterful construction of a Japanese built guitar, at a price that is as fantastic as the guitar itself. The natural-finish ash body delivers rich tones through a pair of vintage style TL pickups only available on Japanese built Fenders. The one-piece maple neck and fretboard features 21 vintage style frets, a 7.25” radius and a 25.5” scale length and works with the vintage style ashtray bridge and its 3 compensated steel barrel saddles to serve up that snappy Tele clarity and twang. The vintage natural finish reveals the spectacular wood grain of the ash body, combined with the 1-ply black pickguard, chrome hardware, knurled chrome dome knobs and vintage style tuners for a look that is as great as its sound.