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52 Hot Rod Telecaster Review

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Vintage Series is dedicated to the models with retro styling and tone. These models emulate both the looks and sound of some of the guitars from Fender`s history. Vintage Hot Rod ’52 Telecaster is an homage to the legendary 1952 Telecaster, with a bit of spice in the tone. Body of this model is made of ash. It`s solid, flat and single-cut, it`s available in Black and Butterscotch Blonde with glossy finish. Bridge section is equipped with a vintage-styled tray bridge with chrome plating and string-through construction. Vintage Telecaster single coil is placed in the bridge and Seymour Duncan`s vintage mini humbucker is in the neck position. Neck is made of maple, it features bolt-on joint and U contour. Maple fingerboard has 21 frets with black dot inlays.

Fender 52 Hot Rod Telecaster

Two decades after rebirthing itself from the ownership of CBS, Fender has itself grown into an enormous, powerful corporation.

Now benefiting from two finely honed, huge capacity Stateside production facilities, the big F is nevertheless nimble enough to offer constantly evolving variants on its two favourite guitars.

Take two of their latest Telecasters for example: one is a tweak to the ever-popular American Vintage ’52 model from the Corona, USA plant, and another is a Custom Shop-inspired example of the same, albeit hailing from Ensenada which is around 160 miles away in Baja California, the northernmost state of Mexico.


The Hot Rod ’52 has a ‘premium ash’ three-piece body finished in butterscotch blonde, the ‘premium’ tag hinting at a more stringent selection process than the Baja Tele’s plain ol’ ‘ash’.

This timber is considered ‘best’ for fifties-style Teles thanks partly to its appearance and also to its relatively scooped-mid, rich and lively twangin’ tone when compared with alder. Premium tag or not, there are still some pretty ugly, dark-coloured knots on the bass side of the guitar.

The American guitar gets treated to Fender’s thin-skin nitro-cellulose ‘lacquer’ coat, which shows signs of sinking into the ash’s grain here and there.

So while it doesn’t offer a flawlessly flat finish, it’s generally considered to be better for tone than being too thick – just like with high-end acoustic guitars. At 8.5lbs, the Hot Rod ’52 is no lightweight either.

The Baja Tele arguably gets the prettier pieces of ash in this case – up to four to make up the body by the looks of things – though the grain is only just visible through the milky blonde, gloss polyester finish.

This poly coat is thicker and flatter than the Hot Rod’s sure-to-age-gracefully cellulose, and will still be this shiny when all that’s left is Keef and the cockroaches.


Telecaster Hot Rod 52

Bon j’adore la Télecaster je possède déjà une american Standard 60th et une American Serie de 92, celle-là est au dessus du lot, malgré les tunning sur mes ancienne pelles avec micro Original Vintage et Nocaster, le sustain sur la Hot Rod est mortel, le manche en U est génial “Alice ça glisse” c’est très confortable, le Duncan apporte une touche avec un son plus gros, plus rentre dedans, micro double oblige, c’est une vrai tuerie, là on est dans une autre dimension ça n’a rien à voir donc après faut aimer, les pur fans de single coil vont peut être, être déçus, le micro aigu est aussi génial c’est un Custom Vintage je pense qu’il a été travaillé pour ce couplé avec le Duncan, quoiqu’il en soit il est offre plus de dynamique et de profondeur, les médiums ressortent plus, c’est vraiment étonnant… je pense que le chevalet avec les pontets en laiton doivent également apporter une touche, chose que je n’ai pas encore tester sur mes American Standard

Avis Global8/10

Si vous avez la chance d’en tester une faite le, par contre après c’est difficile de l’abandonner sur place… c’est à vos risques et périls, j’étais parti à la base pour tester une Telecaster Paisley, elle était sur place je me suis dis tiens je vais essayer ça en attendant puis du coup la Paisley je l’ai même pas essayer tellement je suis resté sur le cul avec celle-là, la finitions est vraiment bien j’adore la couleur avec son vernis satiné sa lui donne une bête de gueule, je l’ai chopé en ocasse à 1300€ c’est à peine plus cher qu’une American Standard neuf en magasin, par contre on a une Télécaster dopé au hormone après faut aimer, je pense que les fans de Keith Richards seront aux anges après pour les fans de Jeff Buckley ça risque d’être trop rentre dedans, mais en complément dans une config elle aura largement sa place

Telecaster Vintage Hot Rod 52

If you’re in the market for a high-quality, traditional sounding Tele, the American Vintage ’52 Reissue should always be your first port of call.

It has balls where lesser models can be weedy, and underlines just how fundamental a decent piece of ash, nitro-cellulose lacquer, and top hardware and pickups are to Leo’s seminal plank.

Good news then that the Hot Rod bears these characteristics, with a full, resonant fundamental tone.

Many players find a Tele bridge pickup just too unruly, but if you’ve got the guts to attack a Fender Bassman or Marshall ‘Plexi’ you’ll soon realise why so much rock ‘n’ roll rhythm guitar has come from this very set-up.

You can knock the tone back to tame some of the high end with more drive, or simply dive in loud and proud for anything from country spank to searing Buchanan-inspired leads.

The Seymour Duncan neck pickup adds girth as you’d expect, but thanks to the mini-humbucker design, keeps a good degree of sparkle and chime.

Again, knock back the tone pot if you want the feel of a full-size ‘bucker, but there’s something uniquely musical about a mini-humbucker that begs for tasteful, lightly driven, bluesy leads and big ol’ chunky chords.

It’s a good choice for this guitar, partnering well with the bridge in terms of output, so you get the customary mid-position sound, just with a little extra grunt.