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Fender hot rod telecaster guitars

Fender 52 Reissue Telecaster Left Handed

There are a couple of tiny marks on the front of the vintage hot rod 52 telecaster (near the three-way switch), a few insignificant “dings” on the body, a small amount of wear to the edges of the fretboard and the frets, and a small amount of playing wear, mainly on the edges, where the vintage hot rod 52 telecaster has rubbed against the player’s body. The fretboard itself is remarkably clean with only a few small wear spots on the first five frets. The Butterscotch has mellowed to a rich, creamy color. The lovely grain of the ash body shows very well through the Blond finish and this fifty-six year old gem is quite simply one of the best “black-guard” Telecasters that we have ever seen. Complete with fender 52 hot rod telecaster’s original “ashtray” bridge cover.

In retrospect, their most striking features of fender 52 hot rod telecaster — at least cosmetically speaking — are a typical yellowed blonde finish (a.k.a. ‘butterscotch’ finish) and a black pickguard, hence the often cited notion of early ‘black guard’ Tellies. The combination of the two actually gives a distinct look to the early 50s models, which are otherwise considered by many as the ultimate classic Telecaster guitar because of their tone…Besides its peculiar hue, the original blonde finish nicely showcases the ash body heavy grain pattern that later whiter finishes would subdue…[1952] marks the beginning of a number of changes in the appointments of Telecaster guitars.