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Telecaster 52 Japonesa

Guitarra Fender Telecaster Japonesa 1984 (Reissue 52) – Canhota Left Lefty

Lendária série fabricada no início dos anos 80 pela Fujigen. Quebra muitas americanas por aí

Inteira original somente foi trocada a chave por uma americana. Ultima regulagem feita ha uma semana na Music Maker. A guitarra não tem case.

Aceito trocas por Gibson Les Paul ou SG… Fender Stratocaster American Standard ou Tom Anderson (CANHOTAS!!! GUITARRAS PARA DESTRO SÓ SE FOR UMA TROCA MUITO VANTAJOSA FINANCEIRAMENTE POIS PEGAREI PARA REVENDER AFINAL SOU CANHOTO. RSRS) . Para esta ultima (Tom Anderson), estudo volta em dinheiro.

Telecaster 52-Spl

well, kinda NGD. More NGD + two weeks. But! It’s mine! And glorious.

Got it shipped from Tokyo; Shibuya store of Ishibashi Music and they were fantastic to deal with. Arrived in no time and well packed. Played great right out of the box, but…

Intonation was a little out on the low E so I took it into Real Gutars in Glen Iris for a full setup. Picked it up today and, well, it’s almost a whole new beast: everything just ‘fits’ now. It’s hard to describe. It’s Cathy Freeman. It’s Mabo. It’s the vibe. (if you don’t get it, you won’t get it). And it sounds magic.

I can highly reccomend the guitar, Ishibashi Music and a good setup, and especially Brendan at Real Guitars. He has ‘the touch’.

Now all I need to do it replace the hack that stands behind it with someone who can play well and I’m done. Thankyou to this forum for being a wealth of help in getting me to this spot and I look forward to returning with updates.

Telecaster 52 Setup

We’re going to show you how to setup a Fender Telecaster. Alright so we’re going to start with the parts involved in setting up the guitar. On a Telecaster you’ve really got three things that adjust the string height, the string intonation and the neck of the guitar. As you can see here on the bridge, you’ve got two screws on each bridge saddle and you’ve got a screw that’s coming up through the back of the bridge plate. The two screws on top of the saddle are what set your string height. The reason you’ve got two of them is so that you can kind of change the angle of the whole saddle to better match the curvature of the neck so that the action from string to string stays consistent. The screw you’ve got on the back is what actually sets your intonation. What you want to have basically is that your open note is going to be the same as the twelfth fret on the guitar. They way you test that is with a tuner, you want to play the open note of a string and then you want to play the twelfth fret harmonic like that. On the tuner you want those two notes to register the same.

Telecaster 52 Gaucher


Instrument: Guitares électriques
Etat: Utilisé
Grand annonceur: Non


Corps en frêne
Manche et touche en érable
Couleur Butterscotch Blonde
Micros American Vintage ’52 Tele Single-Coil
Sélection des micros modifiée chez un luthier (position 1 : micro chevalet, position 2 : micros manche et chevalet, position 3 : micro manche)
Fournie avec coffre Vintage Tweed et accessoires

La guitare a été importée des USA en septembre 2011 et est dans un état irréprochable (à peine quelques heures d’utilisation)

Difference Telecaster 52 Et 62

Seems like it. But my AV’62 ain’t ‘thin’, not too ‘bright’. Twang? After owning 4 Teles, not sure I even know what guys mean by it. It’s my ears, after all. I will say that my AV’52 was a wonderful, warm sounding guitar. Wasn’t as keen on the bridge pup as my ’62 but I sold it only cuz of the neck shape

Played with a friend the other night. He loves my AV’62, thought my CVC was great. Handed me his favorite Strat w. talk of how he loved it, would never sell it…I thought it sounded like a dog. My ears, his ears.

This whole tone thing can get pretty detailed. Stated my muddled perceptions a few times but I’d: listen to what everybody says, throw it around, check out all the guitars you can, get one & start playing around with it.

I’ve had 5 Teles and I think 5 Strats that I can remember & honestly have never sold one because of ‘tone’ because I could change that w. guitar set-up or, at most, a pup swap.

Telecaster 52 Ou 62

Neck: Maple neck with 1 11/16″ wide nut and rosewood fretboard with dot inlays

Pickups/Hardware: Two single coils (neck position rates at 5.68kOhms and the bridge at 9.86k), three-way pickup selector switch, tone and volume controls, and Fender tuners

Cosmetic Condition: The body almost looks like new, there’s only a very small, shallow ding on the side. The neck and headstock both look like new. This Tele is super-clean!

Telecaster 52 Or 62

he MIJ (Made in Japan) and CIJ (Crafted in Japan) guitars are very high quality. The Japanese are, as many of you know, masters at copying—as these guitars testify. In fact, the new Fender USA management guys “almost cried” when they traveled to Japan and saw the quality. At that time, Fender USA was still trying to get back up on its feet after the CBS buyout, as USA quality under CBS ownership let their standards really slip.

Here is what happened: In 1984 CBS decided to sell Fender and finally, an investment group led by William (Bill) Schultz bought it in the month of March for twelve and a half million dollars. This investment group formally became the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation or FMIC. Bad news though, the sale did not include production facilities in Fullerton, California. Thus USA guitar production ceased between late 1984 till October of 1985 until the new factory was built in Corona, California. It has been estimated that 80% of the guitars sold during this time were made in Japan. When the Corona plant was started up, only the Vintage Reissue Stratocaster models were first produced (between late 1985 through 1986). Oddly enough, most of the MIJ Fenders were Reissues too, both Strats and Teles, and then later even Signature models.

Telecaster 52 Vs 62



Genuine Fender USA “62 Tele Custom” Telecaster Bridge Pickup.
Genuine Fender Part Number 0056075000. Features ’60s style staggered Alnico magnets, black fibreboard coil form, white waxed string coil wrap, copper clad steel bottom plate, wax coil potting to reduce microphonics and period correct cloth covered output leads. I measured three sample pickups; all were around 6.5K. Fine choice for a clean, twangy Tele sound or for those of you who use various kinds of stomp boxes (a hot pickup can sound muddy through peddles…). Good mid ’60s style Genuine Fender mounting hardware is included. If you’re restoring a ’60s Telecaster or building a ‘clone’ this is the bridge pickup you need. Brand New. Genuine Fender 0056075000. UPC 717669063993.

Prompt shipping with Delivery Confirmation in the continental USA is $4.99. Air shipping outside of the USA is $39.99. Pickup warranted by Fender Musical Instruments for one year against defects in materials or workmanship. Fender does not warranty pickups for damage caused by improper installation or abuse.

Check out Angela Instruments on the web for more hard to find Genuine Fender Telecaster Parts and a whole lot more.

Fender Telecaster 52 Usata



Vendo Fender Telecaster Custom ’72 Mex con i seguenti upgrade, tastiera completamente rifatta con raggio 10″ e tasti Dunlop 6105, pickup al ponte Lindy Fralin SP 43, elettronica totalmente rifatta con cavetti cerati e potenziometri da 500K e condensatore Carta/olio per l’Humbucker e 250K e condensatore Orange Drop per il singolo.
Con gig bag.
Non sono interessato a scambi, valuto eventuali permute parziali.
Preferibile la consegna a mano.

Telecaster 52 Usata


This either a 1966 or 1969 Gibson Melody Maker serial number 804618. I have owned this guitar for over 40 years. It was stolen from me once & returned a week later. I played it a lot in church when I was younger. I’ve played bass for the last several years so this has been stored in my music room. The finish is crazing like all old Gibsons do. It has has dings & dents from normal use over the years. A couple points have broken off the pick guard & when I was young & stupid, I installed a couple of toggle switches to switch in different capacitors. I have removed all of that & plugged the holes in the pick guard. Everything on the guitar is original.