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Telecaster 52 Japan


So this is sad, but I just got a 1992 AVRI ’52 Tele so this Tele has to go. I’ve had her for a while now and she’s a great guitar with lots of mojo. Everyone knows the quality of these Japanese Fenders.

According to Fender’s website, with the H serial she is a 1988/1989. The neck isn’t as beefy as my ’52 RI, but it definitely feels like a Tele. It also has the Grover tuners that came on the Japanese Fenders of this period. She’s got a nice weight, balances nicely, and is very comfortable to play. The individual string saddles make setting her up nice and easy too.

She has been used but not abused. 99% of the damage that is on her was there when I got her. She has a couple of chips in the finish that I tried to show in the pictures. There is also some discoloration in the finish on the back in the buckle area. The hardware is pitted, and the knobs actually have some of the metal flaking off on the top. This is a cheap fix, but I never changed them because I thought they added to the vibe. The screws are also kinda rusty adding to the mojo. There are some nicks on the back of the neck, the most noticeable being right around where the neck meets the headstock and the brown one that shows up in the pics. None of them are real deep, but if you’re super picky about the back of the neck being smooth, I wouldn’t recommend her. I never felt that any of the marks affected the playability. The neck also has a little bit of discoloration just at the bottom of the back of the neck where it meets the fretboard. I’ve seen this on many Fenders and it has never bothered me or affected the playability. I tried to capture these marks in the pictures. The frets show some wear but are in good shape and have lots of life left. There are also the typical finish cracks at the neck joint, which again I did my best to capture in the pictures. The nut is also non-original and was replaced before I bought her. Sorry for the long-winded description, but I try to list all of my stuff as accurately as possible.

So, here is where my ad is a little bit different. As you surely noticed, the guitar is pictured without pickups. I took my Fralins back out of this for my RI. So, you have options in pricing and pickups/cases. I think these are pretty fair prices since I’ve seen similar newer Teles go for more on eBay.