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Telecaster 52 Strings

I’ve been using D’Addario XLs gauged 011-048 forever. Plain G-string, wound G-strings are more for non-bending jazz players or archtop guitars (at least as far as guitars are concerned…)

I started to use 11s when tuning down 1/2 step but ultimately kept the gauge for standard tuning too. But I also play dobro (Squareneck) and the 016-058 set there makes the 011s feel like nothing.

As far as brands are concerned, I played Ernie Balls for a long time but switched to D’Addarios because they seem to last much longer and sound somewhat fuller IMO.

I’ve read an interesting quote by Joe Walsh once where he said that Telecasters sound best when the action’s not that high and they buzz a little. I really think that’s true, it helps the snarl and the twang. On a Strat however I think it’s essential to raise the strings quite a bit, the sound will be so much better and punchier…..